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Mastering is crucial to making your tracks sound professional and polished. Use our AI-powered mastering service that makes your track sound its best.

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AI-powered on demand mastering

High-quality sound

Advanced algorithms are trained on thousands of tracks from different genres and styles, so they can detect and correct any imperfections in your tracks, giving you a polished and professional sound.

Affordable pricing

Transparent and competitive pricing, so you know exactly how much you'll pay upfront, without any hidden fees or charges.

Fast turnaround time

Get your tracks mastered in just a few minutes, instead of waiting for days or weeks for a human mastering engineer to finish the job.

Identify areas for improvement

Each tracks are analysed for issues that need improvement, such as excessive noise, harsh frequencies, and dynamic imbalances. It then applies the necessary corrections to give you a well-balanced and clean sound.

Make your tracks label-ready

Make your tracks sound good for labels and DJs by applying the industry-standard loudness and EQ settings. This ensures that your tracks sound great on any sound system and stand out in a crowded market.

Sound good on any speaker or platform

Make your tracks sound true to your style, regardless of there they are played: in headphones, portable speakers or in clubs. All your tracks are optimised for streaming platforms or release-ready.

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Want to work with a professional?

If you'd prefer to work with a professional engineer, book a mastering request with our accredited pro, Andre Salmon.

Andre has worked with dozens of labels and producers, mastering hundreds of tracks in his studio.
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