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Demos and promos are the source of your professional relationships with artists. Supercharge your process with one streamlined Inbox we call Flow. Built for high-performance DJs and labels.

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For the longest time, sending tracks around was bad. It was chaotic, time-consuming to stay on top of, and worse, artists never received the responses they deserve.

Inbox makes reviewing, organising and actioning tracks easy. No more endless email threads, lost links, or missed opportunities.

Give artists an easy way to build a relationship with you, be open for tracks.

See how Jamie Jones uses inbox to manage his workflow

Your own Inbox link

Your Inbox link is the only link you need to share with artists. It's a simple, easy to remember URL that you can share on social media profiles, website, and email signature. Artists can submit their tracks to you without needing to sign up.

Supercharge your review time

Jump into your Inbox to review your tracks. You can listen to tracks, shortlist favourites, and leave feedback. We make it easy to get through hundreds of tracks in minutes. No more jumping between emails or download links.

Create your exact workflow with Stacks, Templates and Boards

Keep your Inbox organised with Stacks and boards based around your workflow, whether you're supporting, signing or using tracks in a creative project. Reuse feedback with one click to let artists know why their track didn't make it, or shortlist tracks into Stacks to automatically let artists know what to expect next.

Collaborate with your team

Invite your team to collectively evaluate and make decisions about tracks. Communicate directly with artists, reducing the need for external email. Streamline all artist facing communication in one central place

A workflow that enables you to do more in less time

Bring harmony back to reviewing tracks with the exact Inbox your workflow needs.

Professional Contacts

Easily seperate your professional relationships with artists from music fans with rich contact profiles.

Links for every inbox

Create Inbox links for promos, demos and curation workflows all from one workspace.

On the go, wherever you are

Offline mode means you can playback and access tracks wherever you are. iOS & Android apps coming soon.

Submission receipts

Give artists real-time updates on the status of their track submissions, reducing uncertainty and the need for follow-up inquiries.

All tracks, one library

Upload, organize and access tracks you receive from various Inboxes. AI driven smart filtering, tags and metadata coming soon.

Send tracks faster

Search for DJ & label inboxes to tracks, keep on top of submissions and campaigns from your workspace.

Who is Inbox for?


&ME and Adam Port use Inbox to receive tracks for their sets and stay on top of the endless stream of demos and promos.

Inbox takes the stress out of receiving tracks and makes it easy to find new music to support.

DJs with a Label

Jamie Jones represents a growing number of busy DJs who also run a label.

Inbox makes it easy to manage demos across multiple labels whilst maintaining a packed touring schedule. Collaberation between Jamie and his team is seamless, and they can easily stay on top of new releases.

A&R Teams

Trackstack is a powerful tool for teams. Ministry of Sound have streamlined their A&R process by centralising demos into Inbox.

We make it easy to discover new talent together, without the need for long A&R meetings or messy email chains.

2k+ DJs & labels trust us. Here's why.

Our DJs and labels are at the heart of everything we do and we're constantly striving to improve their experience. But don't just take our word for it - here's what some of our customers have to say

Trackstack means I can listen to every demo submission fast during my busy schedule. Getting back to artists is important to me and Trackstack makes this easy and reliable.

Jamie Jones

I believe Trackstack is providing a huge opportunity to artists to work more closely, faster and with more trust more in each other. Listening to demos is something I look forward to now.


I use Trackstack to check my demos every weeek and it is the best solution to save time. It makes signing new artists and finding new tracks easy. Higly recommended.

Hector Couto

Trackstack is an intelligent and intuitive product to organise all my demos and promos in one place. I appreciate being able to respond directly with feedback to all the artists.

Roberto Surace

While it usually took me days to go through demos and promos, I can now go through everything and keep my music organised within a few hours. Trackstack is a game changer.


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