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All tracks, one inbox.

Streamline your demo workflow and make it enjoyable with Inbox. Never miss a hit again and build better relationships with reviewing, actioning, and collaboration in one place. Built for high-performance DJs and labels.

The all-in-one inbox for tracks

For the longest time, sending demos was bad. It was chaotic, time-consuming to stay on top of, and worse, artists never get the responses they deserve.
Trackstack is an Inbox made for reviewing, organising and actioning demos.
We re-designed what a good exchange should look like making it more transparent, easy to use and collaborative.
We make demos your best source of new talent as it always should be.
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People enjoy using Inbox

Established DJs and labels around the world have already made the switch

"Trackstack means I can listen to every demo submission fast during my busy schedule. Getting back to artists is important to me and Trackstack makes this easy and reliable."
Jamie Jones
"I believe Trackstack is providing a huge opportunity to artists to work more closely, faster and with more trust more in each other. Listening to demos is something I look forward to now."
"Trackstack has been revolutionary for us at Lost. It completely streamlines our A&R process with all the demos held in one place the A&R team can access and listen to all the music sent to us and easily get back to artists about potentially signing their tracks."
"Trackstack is an intelligent and intuitive product to organise all my demos and promos in one place. I appreciate being able to respond directly with feedback to all the artists."
"While it usually took me days to go through demos and promos, I can now go through everything and keep my music organised within a few hours. Trackstack is a game changer."

Artists prefer sending their demos through Trackstack

Trackstack has been a real game-changer in getting my music heard by my dream labels. I can send music with confidencethat it will actually get listened to and receive a fair shot.
Trackstack has provided me with a platform on which I regularly submit music to with the confidence that my music will 100% be listened to.
James Poole
 James Poole
Trackstack has completely propelled our game. It has enabled us to get our music sent to some of the biggest DJ’s and labels that we want to be heard by.
Project 37
Project 37
Build relationships with the DJs and labels that matter to you. Get your tracks heard.
When you succeed, we succeed.

Sending tracks deserved better, so we built a better way to do it

Trackstack is an easy-yet-powerful inbox for streamlining your demo and promo workflow. Trusted by the worlds best DJs, labels and artists of every size. Join the wait list now and get early access.