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Demos and promos are the source of your professional relationships. Streamline your workflow with Flow. Built for high-performance DJs and labels.

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The way you receive tracks is a mess

Still relying on or consolidate and replace them with one Inbox.

For the longest time, sending tracks around was bad. It was chaotic, time-consuming to stay on top of, and worse, artists never received the responses they deserve.

Flow Inbox makes reviewing, organising and actioning tracks easy. No more endless email threads, lost links, or missed opportunities.

Give artists an easy way to build a relationship with you, be open for tracks.


All tracks, one Inbox


Your new Inbox awaits

We redesigned the new standard for receiving tracks. Building strong professional relationships
with artists becomes effortless with Flow helping you to achieve more in less time.

How Flow Inbox Works - Open

Replace your demo or promo email with one shareable link. No more jumping between threads and conversations losing tracks.

How Flow Inbox Works - Open

The Review feed makes listening, saving and providing feedback on hundreds of tracks easy. Smart filters ensure a clean list of relevant tracks. Never miss a hit again.

How Flow Inbox Works - Open

Organise, collaborate and action saved tracks in one workspace. No more endless email threads, lost links, or missed opportunities.


Aligned to the way you work


One destination for all tracks

Shareable links for inboxes make it super simple for artists to send you their tracks. Your Inbox link is the only link you need to share with artists. It's a simple, easy to remember URL that you can share on social media profiles, website, and email signature. Artists can submit their tracks to you without needing to sign up.

Control access with public or private linksSender authenticity with verified emailsEasily embed on websitesCollect any data with custom fields


Inboxes for every workflow

Support any demo, promo and track based workflow. Releases, sets, contests, creative projects and more - all in one unified workspace

Personal for promos, edits + demosLabel for demosCurator for creative projectsContest for competitions

&ME, Adam Port & Rampa use personal Inboxes for bringing new tracks to their Keinemusik shows.


Ministry of Sound use label Inbox for their A&R process of finding new artists.


Manu uses a curator Inbox to fuel his in depth track reviews.


Reelow uses contest Inbox to host remix competitions for his label Reecords.


Know your Pro fans from day 1

Your most engaged fans are other professionals. Inbox easily filters out Pro fans
from your total audience helping you build a clean data source.


Level up your professional relationship management

Make every Pro fan feel heard and build a strong relationship with them no matter where they are in their career journey. The future of reach is direct. Less Cost, More Engagement, Maximum ROI.

Professional Relationship Management for DJs - Identify pro fans

Identify your Pro fans

Pro fans are made up DJs, producers and industry people who go beyond the typical music fan. Pro fans help you expand every part of your career from releases, products and related services.

Data Source
Professional Relationship Management for DJs - Data source of fans

Clean data source of Pro fans

Building a data source of your Pro fans with ease. Easily understand each one of your contacts with insights into their socials, career history and more. We enrich profiles with smart attributes and data from sources such as Songstats, Instagram and many more.


Simplify your demo and promo workflow with review feed

Make replying to tracks fast with a smart review workflow designed for pros. Feedback, save, and reply to hundreds of tracks with ease.

Review Feed

Screen tracks like you screen your calls

Screen tracks like you screen your calls

Jump into your Inbox to review your tracks. You can listen to tracks, shortlist favourites, and leave feedback. We make it easy to get through hundreds of tracks in minutes.

Submission Receipts

Give senders real-time updates on the status of their track submissions

Give senders real-time updates on the status of their track submissions

Submission receipts reduce sender uncertainty and the need for follow-up inquiries. Quick replies, real time notifications and activity feeds make letting senders know where they stand reliable.

Track Guard

Smart filters ensure only relevant tracks land in your Inbox

Verified Senders

Always know who your senders are with verified profiles

"Inbox means I can listen to every demo submission fast during my busy schedule. Getting back to artists is important to me and Inbox makes this easy and reliable"

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Jamie Jones

Stayed organised with every track


Streamline all sender facing communication in one central thread

Streamline all sender facing communication in one central thread

Invite your team to collectively evaluate and make decisions about tracks. Communicate directly with senders preventing you from getting lost in threads or DMs.


Smart automated folders for tracks that communicate what is happening

Smart automated folders for tracks that communicate what is happening

Keep your Inbox organised with Stacks. Whether you are supporting, signing or using tracks in a creative project. Reuse feedback with one click to let artists know why their track didn't make it, or shortlist tracks into Stacks to automatically let artists know what to expect next.


Genres, audio features and tags help you create an objectively searchable library

Inbox Workflows

Dynamic workflows for releases, sets, contests, creative projects and more

"While it usually took me days to go through demos and promos, I can now go through everything and keep my tracks organised within a few hours. Inbox is a game changer."

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Make decisions on tracks with ease

Sender Profiles

Recall Senders with profile summary

Recall Senders with profile summary

Easily seperate your professional relationships with artists from music fans with rich contact profiles

Submission Insights

Make informed decisions from your sender data

Make informed decisions from your sender data

See rich analytics on sender data and activity for each of your inboxes.


Share tracks to anyone with shareable links


Never miss a message with updates all in one place

"I believe Inbox is providing a huge opportunity to artists to work more closely, faster and with more trust more in each other. Listening to demos and promos is something I look forward to now."

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Be Open For Tracks


Tracks are being sent to you everywhere. Its chaotic, time-consuming and hard stay on top of. Most tracks never receive the response they deserve and follow ups become a burden. Some artists lose faith sending tracks to you.


Never miss a track, follow up or missed opportunity again. More time for creative work. Building new professional relationships is faster than ever. New exciting opportunities are being unlocked. Artists have an easy way to build a relationship with you.

Jamie Jones using Trackstack Inbox to manage his workflowSee how Jamie Jones uses inbox to manage his workflow

Flow Inbox

Unlock your Streamlined Track Workflow

Unlimited Inboxes, Unlimited Contacts, 100 GB Storage
Plus Live On-demand library
30 Day Refund Gaurantee, Cancel Anytime, First Class Support
Trackstack is trusted by ambitious DJs and labels of every size.
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