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What is Plus?

Plus is a content membership for producers serious about taking their career to the next level. We bring together experts from across the industry to coach you to move your career forward faster, making decisions with confidence, and breaking through the noise.

Some of the benefits of joining Plus and what you can expect from the membership.

Benefits of Plus

Lead by Andrew Azara

Production Content

Production Content

Our production coaches Andrew Azara and Tim Taylor will help you improve your production skills and deep-dive on specific topics and techniques to move your tracks forward faster. You will have access to a full library of on-demand content that you can browse and learn at your own pace.

Coached by Andrew Leese

Social Content Coaching

Social Content Coaching

Andrew Leese, our brand, marketing and social strategist who has worked with artists and labels such as Alan Fitzpatrick & MicroHertz will host monthly content feedback sessions and coach you through your social strategy to grow your audience and reach more fans.

Hosted by Tim Taylor

Track Feedback Clinic

Track Feedback Clinic

Once per month, you can submit a track for professional feedback for a detailed report on how to improve your track and take it to the next level. Tim Taylor will host a live feedback session where you can ask questions and discuss edits on the call, making sure you feel confident they are ready to send.

What our members say

We're proud to have built a strong community of producers and DJs that are dedicated in moving their careers forward - here's what some of them have to say

Trackstack Plus has been a great community to connect with other producers all at similar stages to network, feedback and motivate eachother. The weekly masterclasses and Q&A sessions have also proven incredibly valuable to ask questions and learn something new to help progress further in a more structured way


Being in the Trackstack Plus community has not only helped me improve my music production, learning new techniques that helped me to take my productions to the 'next level', but also gave me a lot of knowledge about how to manage my social networks, how to organized them, how to use them to reach a larger audience. Another thing that I value a lot about Trackstack is the human factor, since thanks to the community I have met several DJs/Producers with whom we can talk, give feedback, share our goals among other stuff. Another thing that I value a lot about Trackstack is that it has given me visibility to other DJs and producers, since I have a Trackstack inbox I have received promos and demos from people I would never have imagined, something that did not happen to me before joining Trackstack.


Working in the music industry is a fascinating journey, filled with lots of connections and creative opportunities. Trackstack Plus has proven to be an invaluable tool for creating meaningful connections within this intricate world of music. What I truly appreciate about Plus is its many functions; not only does it provide me with a streamlined Inbox for receiving and managing demos and promos, but it also serves as a dynamic platform for initiating exciting projects and collaborations. If you're looking to establish a prominent presence in the music industry, Trackstack Plus is the best choice


Before I joined Trackstack Plus I had lost direction with my music and was focusing solely on the music. Over the last few months learning and developing with the Trackstack team, they have helped and guided me to understand all aspects of the music industry, not just the music. The connections with other like minded people within the Trackstack community have been absolutely invaluable to my progress as a producer. It has opened my eyes massively on how to use social media as a tool to properly market myself. I feel a lot more confident with my music now and that I have been shown the right tools to help me develop as an artist.


Trackstack Plus is the ideal platform for making connections with fellow producers and be part of a vibrant community. It provides valuable opportunities for continual growth through its regular Q&A sessions and masterclasses hosted by industry experts.


I believe that Trackstack Plus can benefit anyone who’s interested in taking a serious route in their music career. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting or have many years of experience, being a part of a community with the same goals and motivation is a game changer. My personal favourite are the Masterclass sessions. Being able to listen to some of the top people involved in music entertainment and asking some important questions that can help you make your next move. Huge shout out to the Trackstack staff for putting together something that’s been needed for many years!

Prince L

"There is no better way to get unstuck from your current rate of progrsssion toward a new energising vision for your career"


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